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Testimonials: Testimonials

Having moved more times than I ever thought I would, this was by far as good as moving gets. Moving is never easy, but Kolovitz made it almost fun – great, friendly, trustworthy crew, who packed and moved us. Nothing damaged, on-schedule (though I was skeptical) and Kevin maintained great communication throughout the process. Oh – even came in a bit under the bid! We tipped the entire crew – we will DEFINITELY use them in our next move. Don’t know what else to say – still in shock from having such a positive moving experience! Thanks, Kevin and crew!!!

William, Wilmette IL

I hired Kolovitz because I was moving to Oak Park (it’s local for them) and I was really worried about hiring movers since every large moving company seems to have both a ton of good and a ton of terrible reviews. Since these guys are local and locally owned, I figured they’d be more accountable and I’d heard that they hired local guys for the movers.

When moving day came, we got a crew of 4 people. All of them were indeed local 20somethings (3 from Oak Park and one from Berwyn), no day laborers. They all knew what they were doing and worked steadily loading the truck down 2 flights of stairs. They weren’t rushing, but paced themselves well. Even so, they were totally soaked with sweat by the time the truck was loaded (4 hours). After an un-clocked lunch break, they arrived at our new place and unloaded in just over 2 hours, making sure to ask us where we wanted things, especially the big furniture so we wouldn’t have to rearrange it ourselves.

One thing I liked was that they charge by an hourly rate and use 15 minute increments. They were honest about the time they took for lunch (45 minutes I think it was) and only charged 45 minutes for travel time when I think it probably was a bit more.

At the end of the day, our stuff was moved safely and without hassle and we had no damaged items. I highly recommend Kolovitz for anyone worried about their moving experience

Michael, Chicago IL

These guys are the real deal. They’re based out of Oak Park and will charge you for the travel time to and from which adds up. They have a 2 hour minimum which is standard. The movers were nice, whenever they weren’t sure about how I wanted something they asked, never assumed. They sent 4 guys for my move (I just moved from one floor to another in the same building) and the owner even came out for a little while to help. I had 4 rooms of furniture and 40 boxes/bins of stuff and it took them just under 2 hours. The guys who work for them have been with them for years, not just day-players. They work well together and were a lot of fun — and they didn’t even tease me about how many shoes I have :)

Wendy, Chicago IL

Wonderful guys! They took everything, even plants in boxes w/o lids. They kept asking, “Do you want us to take this?” And I’d say, “Sure!” They carefully wrapped every piece of furniture, treating my furniture better than I do. At my new location, they placed everything where I asked them to. Being careful takes this took longer than I’d expected so what I thought might be a 4 hour job turned out to be 5 1/2, but it was worth it and I’d use them again.

Marlene, Oak Park IL

Absolutely the best movers! I have used them for years and have never been disappointed. These movers are dependable, careful and honest. The prices are very fair and no matter what I have needed: they come through! Today I needed them to move furniture for my elderly mother. The furniture was carefully wrapped. Not a bump or chip ! The fine men treated my mom like she was family!

Nan, River Forest IL

Kolovitz Movers is the quintessential small business. I used them for both a personal and business move, and I wouldn’t ask anyone else to move my things. Very trustworthy and professional, but with a personal touch. I have dealt with movers before that I had to essentially supervise, but with Kolovitz, I had full faith that they were not only working hard, but working carefully. Thank you!

Courtney, Hines IL

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